Anime News Network has been one of the most reliable sources for all things anime, video games, manga, you name it. As of August 9 12:25pm (Philippine Standard Time), the website has not been returned.  It was then confirmed from its staffers that the website was hacked on August 7.

The “hacked” page of ANN where the main page shows the time and the word “Anime”. Hip-hop music then plays in the background

Aside from the domain being compromised, official Twitter accounts of some its editors and writers were suspended due to hacking.

The website is now up in a temporary home and they are requesting everyone to spread the word. The ANN staff is doing all they can to get the original website back and put everything in order. So far they have not revealed any individual or group responsible for this.

ANN’s DNS registration info. Something is definitely not right.
Screenshot source: Reddit

You may read the official statement of ANN here.

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By Serena