Happy Chinese New Year! 

This week has been pretty much good for the Yuri fandom. As a way to keep track on which series is getting most hype and all during the past week, I have created this simple segment called This Week in Yuri. Each post might contain some spoilers since I’ll be talking about each of the episodes and everything in between. I am basing this segment on the GL rankings from Lezhin Comics since majority of the GL series that people are following are from this popular premium webcomic service.

As of January 29 (4:00pm PH Standard Time), The Top 5 are:
1. What Does The Fox Say
2. Pulse
3. The Love Doctor
4. Everyday Lily
5. The Third Party

Great Ways To End the Month

I went back to my previous reviews on What Does The Fox Say and Pulse and I have to say the previous chapters were emotional roller-coasters. This week, I’m quite satisfied with the chapters due to right level of intensity that readers really want.

What Does The Fox Say this week was so intense (in a good way). Base on the current English chapter released, it seems that Team Blonde is sailing once again. In the Korean release, we finally got Seju again and slayed the chapter with her new look, fierce attitude, and her new car.

Pulse is going well in letting the readers be introduced with the new girl in the story, Sue. Sue for me is quite an interesting character since she holds some parts that would put together how Mel was in her past. With that said, I can’t wait how the next chapters will unfold and how Mel and Lynn will be able to conquer these obstacles together.

The Love Doctor is also one of the GL series that I didn’t have time to review on. With recent chapters getting good, I think I should also dedicate a bit of my time to write about this series as well. Erae and Cha Yoon are now canon and hope it goes well from here. But basing on the recent chapters released (Korean version), another drama roller coaster is unfolding.

I haven’t really talked about Everyday Lily here but this series is like a cooldown from all the intense ones that are out on Lezhin. The randomness is just right and that cliff-hanging recent chapter makes me want to know what’s next. If you are done with all your yuri and GL reading backlogs for the week, I highly recommend that you add this up to your reading list.

Okay now this would be the first time that I will be talking about The Third Party created by Filipino artist Enjelicious. First off, I’m so happy that someone from my homeland is having a weekly webcomic circulation on a popular webcomic service.

Aside from this, I’m quite impressed on how the story is going (although halfway of its first debut release chapters were draggy a bit) and I hope it continues to be interesting. During the past few days in this week, it was ranked at Number 1 but was replaced when recent chapters of Love Doctor, Pulse, and WDTFS were released. A great webcomic and I highly recommend it.

So that is my This Week in Yuri! Who knows what’s going to happen in the next one! 😀

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By Serena