Touken Ranbu Event Report – Underground Treasure Chest 6

Touken Ranbu released another new toudan and he’s a reward character in the ongoing event Underground Treasure Chest 6. 

Completing the event is simple: you make your way through the floors (100 in total) of Osaka Castle defeating monsters, collecting koban, obtaining Houchou Toushirou (you will get him after completing floor 50), as well as obtaining the materials needed for Kiwame.

The event will be from October 18, 2016 to November 8 2016 14:00 Japan Standard Time.
The Perfect Team

There is no level limit or requirement for this event so you can have any toudan in our team. This is also the perfect opportunity to level up your low level swords. In my case, I was able to level up Mikazuki Munechika from level 1 to 30+ upon reaching the 50th floor. Floors 51 onward will have stronger opponents.
If you wish to rush this map, having Ootachis with you or Iwatooshi can help you. Having gold troops (with musketeers, archers, and catapults) is a plus. For those who want to get a higher chance in walking to the resource nodes, be sure to have Tantous on your team. I had Gokotai and Hakata Toushirou on my team so I had a good haul of koban and resources as I went on.
A Test of Patience
Check out my video going through Floor 50 and obtaining the new sword (no retreat since Floor 2)

If you have been a long time Touken Ranbu player, then you would really agree that this event is a test of patience. It will take you like half the day to get to floor 50 (I had lunch and coffee breaks in between) without retreats to the citadel. It gets a bit boring when you’re around floor 20s to 30s because everything starts to become too monotonous and repetitive especially when you have high leveled swords with you. 
A Worthy ‘Underground Treasure Chest’ Event

Unlike the previous ‘Underground Treasure Chest’ events where they only give you a banner and backgrounds for completion, this event is a very generous one giving you lots of koban, Kiwame items, gold troops, as well as help tokens. This is kind of an event that every saniwa shouldn’t miss if you want to get the good stuff. 
Useful tip: Don’t waste your koban. Could be useful in the next events.
Final Verdict

With the new toudan being so cute and the event giving players a lot of goodies, Touken Ranbu’s Underground Treasure Chest 6 event is worth it for those who have the great patience enough to complete it. 
Stay tuned for my Floor 51-100 game report!
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