Philippine-based Yuri Community Yuri/GL Philippines posted on their Facebook page on Monday revealing their new logo.

The organization recently participated in Cosplay Mania 2019 as one of the convention’s exhibitors. The said event was held at the SMX Convention Center on September 28 and 29. They also confirmed that they would also be participating as exhibitors for Cosplay Mania 2020.

In relation to its new logo, they also released a statement in the caption which is as follows:

??? ????, ??? ???????.

We may have just finished with Cosplay Mania, but the team will not be content with simply hosting booths.

Big changes are afoot and we are all super excited to unveil all these plans for you guys!

For now, let this new look be a sign to all our followers of the exciting things that we are cooking up for all Pinoy yuri fans.

See you at our next events and activities! (Yes, in plural form)
*???? ????*

With this new change, Yuri/GL Philippines is now moving forward to more plans for 2020 and beyond for yuri and girl’s love fans all over the country.

About Yuri/GL Philippines

Established in 2017, Yuri/GL Philippines aims to unite yuri and girl’s love fans all over the country (primarily through their Facebook group) and also to promote related works by Filipino artists and writers. They are hoping to partner with various groups and institutions to organize more events (and hopefully a convention dedicated to Yuri and Girl’s Love) in the future.

Source: Yuri/GL Philippines (Facebook)

By Serena