Long-Running Yuri Blog Yuri Nation is now The Yuri Empire

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Because a lot of people have been asking what has happened to Yuri Nation owned by a fellow yuri blogger OG-Man (http://yurination.wordpress.com), the notable and long-running yuri fan blog is now under a new name and URL called “The Yuri Empire.”

In a post publish by OG-Man back in July 2, he explained for the intention of the name change.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Something I should have done from the start. It is a necessary change.

Put simply Twitter was the last straw. For years some rapscallions kept making the same joke about the web address (remove the Y). It wasn’t much of an issue back then but after Twitter repeatedly removed the site link for that very reason I thought “Yeah the time for change has come.” The Yuri Nation is gone. In its place is The Yuri Empire. HOPEFULLY this will be the last time I’ll have to change the blog’s name.

The reason I say I should have gone with this from the start was because this blog was originally named “The G-Empire”. “G” being the first letter of my surname so think of this new name as a throwback. There is no long-winded speech about the change. Like I said Twitter annoyed me by repeatedly removing the website link on my page so I finally decided to change it.

I also planned on introducing a new Twitter page where I could freely talk about whatever I wanted, RT as many sexy anime and real life beauties as I wanted and just do my thing. Unfortunately Twitter doesn’t want register my phone number and I don’t feel it’s worth going through all the trouble of unlocking that 2nd page so it might as well be a failed experiment. Thus I’m still using the same Twitter Page, just with a new name @TheYuriEmpire. instead of YuriAmbassador. It’ll be the same as always with me talking about yuri, games, wrestling etc. The only difference is my trying to RT less sexy pics…emphasis on TRY. Yuri pics of course will remain plentiful, just pics of barely clothed beauties will be SOMEWHAT lessened.

This change was also necessary because while it was fun referring to myself as an ambassador for yuri goodness I bet many out there saw me as egotistical for doing so, which I kinda am, but it’s time to go back down to Earth and accept the fact that I’m just a (short tempered) yuri fan who still hopes to continue spreading the yuri love. I’ve been doing this for over 8 years and hope to keep going as long as possible.

Like last time it’ll be a while before the blog returns to its former glory but I’m a patient man and hopeful my fans, friends and passerby will help spread the word of this change.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Yuri Nation is one of the longest-running blogs dedicated to Yuri and Girl’s Love content notable for its anime, manga, and video game reviews under the related genres. The Lily Cat highly recommends this blog if you are looking for news and updates written by a dedicated yuri fan.

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Where to Buy Yuri Manga and Books in the Philippines

Whenever I’m interacting in Yuri Facebook groups, one of the most common question that pops up every now and then is this: Where can I buy yuri manga?

As years go by, there has been a growing need and demand for yuri manga and related girl’s love literature in the Philippines. The demand is quite evident as more and more people leave a lot of inquiries related to them.

In this article, I will be sharing the basic places on where to get your Yuri manga based on my experience. If you’re a beginner of getting into the genre, then this guide might be really helpful. This will be updated every now and then as I get info on more sellers.

Fully Booked

Official Website | List of Branches

Whenever I’m looking for books, Fully Booked is one of my go-to bookstores. Its main branch located in Bonifacio Global City is one of the key places I go whenever I travel to Manila. For those looking for physical copies of yuri or girl’s love, this is the first place to look.

If you’re in their BGC branch, their manga section is at the top floor just near the door to their comics area. If you are looking for GL novels, you can check out the other floors which are separated by genre. They have guides when you inside so you wont get lost. Also, you can always ask the friendly Fully Booked staff to help you.

You usually get notable yuri titles published by Seven Seas Entertainment here. I was able to get my first volume omnibus copy of Whispered Words in this branch as well as one volume of Citrus. Milk Morinaga’s works like Girl FriendsThe Secret Recipe, Hana and Hina After School, and The Secret of the Princess are also available.

Also if you are not near to any of their branches in the country, you can buy from them online but note that the books are subject to availability and the online prices may be different from when you go to the physical store.

If there is a specific title that you wish they have available, you can make a request in their customer service area. This is usually what I do whenever I drop by and I am just surprised on my next visit a couple of months later, they already have them in stock! Just provide them the name of the manga or book you want to request including important details like the author name and publisher. Sending a personal message to their official Facebook page won’t hurt too.

National Book Store

Official Website | List of Branches

I added NBS to the list because some were able to buy some local GL works here (e.g. those published by BLACK INK comics). There’s a slim chance you’ll find GL novels here though since the place gives majority selling school and office supplies.

If you’re looking for locally-made GL comics like World Canvas* or DRIFT*, as well as the novel titled Strange Love**, you can find them in National Bookstore.

To be honest, my copies of World Canvas and DRIFT were given to me as gifts. I will still be in the hunt looking for a copy of Strange Love in the nearest NBS branch here.

Eiwa Manga Store 

Facebook Page | Website

If you want to get more Yuri titles and just build your collection, then Eiwa Manga Store is a place where I highly recommend. Aside from yuri, they also sell manga and graphic novels from other genres as well. They don’t really have a physical store, but you can contact them online through their Facebook page.

My first Omnibus volume of Milk Morinaga’s Girl Friends came from Eiwa and so far they have never failed to offer great yuri manga titles for fans like me. If there is one specific yuri manga or book that you want but have trouble in getting it outside of the Philippines, then they can possibly help you out as well.


Website |

BOOKSALE is a haven to find various titles of books for the lowest prices. I added this in the list here because this is where some of the yuri manga in my collection were bought. Believe it or not, I snagged a volume of Negima and a second Omnibus volume of Girl Friends here.

Please note however that currently, there’s been a noticeable decline of manga available in the branches. So if ever you have extra time to spare, finding yuri manga here is like finding a needle on haystack. But some do get lucky sometimes.

Know a local seller or business in the Philippines that sell yuri manga or novels? Please do reach out in the comments section and I’ll update this article as much as I can.

* – Published by BLACK INK Comics

** – Published by VIVA

*All logos are from each business’ respective Facebook pages.