Kantai Collection Report – Sortie Maps, Sortie Maps, Sortie All the Way!

S A V A G E Teitoku!

Since I’m on a two-week Christmas vacation, I decided to take this time to catch up on some anime, video games, and everything in between. 
I’m doing what I can to finish the chain quests for the Prototype Flight Deck before the Winter Season Event rolls in. While people spend their time going out of town and enjoy their long awaited vacation, I remain in the four corners of my bedroom finishing up some sortie maps in Kantai Collection.

I almost lost my Taihou here. Guys, retreat if you feel that the next action might be painful.

Since the 2015 Summer Event, I was stuck in sortie Map 4-3. But thanks to RNGesus, I was able to reach boss node and completed the map to head on to 4-4. 
For those who haven’t experienced the hell Kancolle seasonal event maps, Sortie Map 4-4 would probably be the first map you’ll encounter where it requires you to kill the boss at least 4 times. The ‘final dance’ have sub abyssals so having destroyers on your fleet is a must. In my case, I used Yuudachi Kai-Ni and Shigure Kai-Ni. 

I think the most important equips here would be the ASWs for the destroyers, AP shells and Type 3 shells for Haruna Kai-Ni and Kako Kai-Ni, some green and blue planes for Shoukaku and Taihou, and I added a Type 13 Air Radar just in case. Due to the desperation of finishing, I wasn’t able to count how many buckets I’ve used for the two sortie maps.
So that’s just about everything. To those who still haven’t finished these maps, just keep leveling up your ship girls and ‘may RNGesus be ever in your favor’.

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Merry Christmas!

I have to be honest that I’m not really good at Christmas greetings but I am going to make this short. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope that 2015 has been a good year for you guys and I wish your 2016 to be more epic than the last.

Art by kayako (tdxxxk). Yes, they’re my favorite Touhou ship

My year has been topsy-turvy to be honest. Aside from dealing with depression, I had to deal with other stresses in life that are not too pretty to talk about. But I am thankful that I got some good things happening too.  I finally got a ticket to watch Les Miserables Manila and I also got to buy myself a domain to put up a little website where I can share things that I wanted to share. There’s still a lot of work to be done but hey, I’ll take this step by step.

If you guys like, I’m open to share blog links with you guys and be part of my blogroll! You can leave a comment or email me (since it’s much quicker). I love conversations most especially if they’re in the same wavelengths of interests.

Expect a lot of posts and updates next year. So for now, Happy Holidays everyone!

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Touken Ranbu Game Update- Low-Level Sword Training Campaign

The developers of the popular DMM browser game Touken Ranbu have officially announced that a new event is going to happen very soon.

In order for saniwas to prepare for the upcoming event, a temporary training campaign is launched in over for your low-level toudans to grind all the way to level 40. This is also the perfect opportunity to level up your low-level Tantous and Wakizashis (which in my personal theory might be the needed sword requirements) in time for the upcoming event.

This campaign will be active from December 15, 2015 until Christmas Day. So be sure to use this time to fast level your swords.

For the guidance of players, if you click on the white banner in the “sortie” page at top of the map selections, it will lead you to the campaign event maps. The first map is only limited to level 1-30 toudans. Any toudan with a level of 31 or more, the whole team will not receive any experience after completing a node.  Same goes to the second map with a level 40 limit.

Good luck to all of us Saniwas and for the next event!

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Welcome to Swords Boys Hell- Touken Ranbu

I feel that this greeting is quite appropriate for this post: “Welcome to Sword Boys Hell!

Touken Ranbu is a popular browser game created by DMM Games and Nitroplus where users assume the role of saniwa who is sent to the past to obtain and craft “sword boys” to fight evil monsters. It’s considered by many as the gender-counterpart of Kantai Collection where the characters are anthropomorphized World War II warships in the form of girls.

Ever since its release in early 2015, Touken Ranbu has been one of DMM’s popular games where majority of the players are women. Various Tourabu merchandise have been produced this year as well as a wide fanbase with a great number of doujins regularly released in conventions. The characters in the game can also be found in the popular Bushiroad card game, Cardfight!! Vanguard and a musical based on the online browser game is also produced and ran its first theater previews last October 2015.

His Name is Mikazuki Munechika. He is an old man. A sexy old man…and he can never be yours (?)

First Impressions

I got into the game around March-April and it was also the time where the game was still in its grand hype and users always anticipate for the new servers to be opened. In my case, it took me around an hour to get into the game because of the massive volume of players who wanted to go into “sword boys hell”. But if you want to play the game now, there’s no need to pressure yourself because the developers are regularly expanding their old servers for new players.

I have to be honest here: the game just clicked– probably due to how handsome and adorable the characters are. The menu and gameplay are quite easy to navigate. Though it’s all in Japanese text, there are online guides to help you out so you don’t really have a problem going through the game and you’ll get used to it eventually.


The game can only be played in Japan so you need a Japanese IP address to play it. Due to this restriction, I won’t put instructions on how to get into the game (but there are step-by-step guides available in other sources so I suggest you go through them instead). The other downside of this game is that it’s too easy to complete the missions and requirements. Even the monthly events are quite easy to accomplish compared to Kantai Collection where it’s takes you almost a trip to heaven and hell to finish the event maps.

Now because of the great popularity of the game characters, it’s expected that a lot of cosplayers portray these characters with great accuracy. Sadly, there are some who took advantage of this hype and just cosplay the toudans without even knowing the said game characters.


Though the game updates and events are getting too easy and monotonous for me, Touken Ranbu is still a great browser game to play. I just love the feeling of leveling up my sword boys and I hope the developers would provide better updates for old and new players to anticipate in. Good luck in getting Jiji though. 

Nakigitsune is my favorite sword in the game. It breaks my heart that people mistaken him for Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul.


Gameplay: 3.5/5
Characters: 4/5
Updates: 3/5
Overall: 4/5

Kogitsunemaru. I call him Doggymaru and he was my first rare sword craft.


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I’m Going to Les Miserables Manila!

Image Source/s: Les Miserables Manila Facebook Page | Ticketworld PH Website

After months of waiting, I’m excited to watch the musical blockbuster Les Miserables this April 2016 at the Theatre at Solaire in Manila.

Concertus Manila has already confirmed that Rachelle Ann Go will be playing Fantine in the said PH season along with the Les Mis Australian cast. The musical will be running from March 11, 2016 to April 10, 2016. The said cast will also be having a tour in Singapore in May.

Because this musical is part of my Musical Bucket List, I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I’m lucky enough to get the VIP seating and I hope I get to stage door after the gala performance.

For those who want to avail tickets to Les Mis Manila, you can book online via the TicketWorld website. You have to get them soon because of the (very) limited season, tickets are nearly sold out.

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Hello! First Post!

Why Hello there, Stranger!

You have stumbled upon a website that will soon be filled with content related to anything under the sun. A multi-fandom blog dedicated to anime, manga, yuri, video games, musicals, toys, and so on. Join me with tons of updates and discuss on things that make us tick!
Though this first post is short, I hope you get to stop by here every now and then. 
Now I shall leave you with one of my favorite Yuri couples at the moment: Nozomi Tojo and Ayase Eli from Love Live!
No explanation needed. I just love these two.

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