As this is posted, the last chapter of Ratana Satis’ GL webcomic series Pulse released its final episode last Friday. I was able to review some of its chapters way back but due to time and Lezhin’s new policy on copyright, I stopped doing them. However, I just need to post this.

Pulse was an intense story. I mean very intense. It follows of how two different people slowly grow together while dealing with a lot trials that they face along the way. For Mel, it was her past. For Lynn, it was her struggle to live due to her heart problem.
As the story went forward into the Sue arc, this is where it went into a huge see-saw. This arc was an ultimate love-hate for me mostly due to Mel’s ex-girlfriend Sue. There were chapters that didn’t really play much importance into the story but thankfully it went a little better as the chapters progress. The impact on the last few chapters were also in the same level as how I felt in the first few chapters. I am just happy that the last episode was to buy for and to read for!

Behind all the confusing stuff, unanswered questions, and all the hullabaloo, I am thankful enough to know that both Mel and Lynn were happy together in the end. The last part got me teary-eyed and this was the ending that I want. While some say that the pacing of the series is rushed, I didn’t really feel that it was at all! A GL story isn’t just mostly about sex and continuous drama. What mattered was how these characters grow together and will go through heaven and hell just to be together.

Mel and Lynn taught us that even broken people can fall in love and be loved in return. This is not just any ordinary webcomic…it’s a masterpiece that should be remembered for a long time. Pulse is part of my GL webcomic recommendations list and it will still remain one of my favorites regardless that it’s done. I am truly going to miss Mel and Lynn so much.

Ratana Satis deserves a standing ovation for this work. She nailed it. She not only touched the hearts of many Yuri/GL fans like myself, she also created a story that will be forever be etched in the minds of many. I look forward to her upcoming works soon.

Another beautiful GL story is done. Well-deserved. Well-Remembered. Forever. 

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By Serena