The Lily Cat Editorials Episode 2 – What is Keeping Me Busy Lately

My new room and my new rig “Sumin”.

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since my last post (and Editorial). I hope everyone is doing well.

I would like to make this very simple and just to give everyone a head’s up that this site isn’t going inactive or something like that. I have a lot of write-ups being planned out but due to my job (wait, lemme correct that… jobs!) it mostly being sidetracked now. However, I decided to budget my time wisely and will really force myself to at least write something here for once, twice, or thrice a week.

To those who are aware yet, I’ve been recently hired as an advertising associate of a big anime website. Although I’m currently hired by them, I’m still doing my day job for my family and paying the bills. On the sides, I do part-time writing for two anime websites too.

Now you’re probably asking me why do I have so many jobs? Aside from getting away from dealing with a heartbreak, I just want to feel that I have accomplished some stuff today. I know there is a part of me that is missing out on some things but this is my way of coping some things I’m dealing with at the moment.

For the record though, I’m loving what I’m doing at the moment and not even toxic people or situations would take that away from me. Ever since I’ve been so productive, I’m more focused on what’s more important. I’m appreciating my “me time” and know when to take breaks from all the busyness.

I guess that is all. I’m not leaving this site inactive. Expect some stuff here in the future and I’ll what I can to keep it going.

Just in case, my Facebook page is also active where I share Yuri news and updates there as well. I wish you all well. 🙂

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Lezhin Entertainment Faces Controversy Over Unfair Payment System to its Webtoon and Webnovel Creators

It was a very cold January in South Korea. However, the tension is hot between Lezhin Comics/Lezhin Entertainment and its employed authors, writers, and artists.

Korean webtoon and webnovel authors working for Lezhin organized a protest last January 11 in front of its office building expressing their anger and disappointment towards the company’s unfair payment system wherein 70% of the earnings of each chapter being purchased will be given to their employer leaving only 30% to themselves.

Regardless if their works are making rounds internationally or not, everyone was given the same unfair treatment leaving the creators little to no profit for their hard work. There are even some series that have either cancelled or was requested to be ended the soonest due to company requests or slow sales. It was also revealed that the payments from its overseas service is not done properly for many years.

Last October, Lezhin shut down its webnovel service and authors expressed that they were not fully informed of its closure. The company made this decision to shut it down due to the struggle to get profit despite efforts of advertising and promotions. Since then, Lezhin primarily focused on its webtoon service.

There have been previous reports that the company is not only irregularly paying its employees, it’s not properly paying its taxes. An online petition was made requesting an immediate investigation regarding this case.

As these related discussions surfaced on the social networking site Twitter, many have made a decision to boycott the service and not purchase any more coins until these issues have been cleared.

Lezhin Comics is premium Webtoon service that began in April 2013. It is founded by Hee-sung Han (Founder, CEO, a.k.a. Lezhin) and Jung-hyuk Kwon (CTO).

News Source and Images : Huffington Post Korea and Yonhap News

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‘Citrus’ is trending in Japan, Ranks #2 in Twitter!

2018 is welcomed with the airing of the Citrus anime which got yuri fans screaming and cheering with delight on its debut episode that aired on Saturday. 

Japan trending topics on Twitter as of Jan 8, 2017 1:22am (Philippine Standard Time)
The hype is indeed real! During and even after its airing, it is the mostly discussed topic in Twitter– to the point that it ranked #2 in Japan alone with over 59,900 tweets! 
Yuzu (left) and Harumin (right)
Old and new fans praised the first episode and looking forward for more. The community in the anime and manga listing website MyAnimeList rated it 7.7 out of 10
Citrus is based from the popular yuri manga of the same name by Saburouta. The anime is aired every Saturday at 11:30pm Japan Standard Time on AT-X.
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