‘Yagate Kimi Ni Naru’ Anime Premieres TONIGHT! – October 5, 2018!

The highly anticipated anime adaptation of Nio Nakatani’s award-winning yuri manga series Yagate Kimi ni Naru (Bloom Into You) will premiere TONIGHT, October 5. It will be aired at 9:30pm Japan Standard Time on the following channels: AT-X, followed by Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, BS11, TV Aichi, and TVQ Kyushu Housou starting October 5. dAnime Store will also be streaming the series online.

Both Hisako Kanemoto and Minako Kotobuki will be voicing Yuu Koito and Touko Nanami respectively. Other cast members include Ai Kayano as Sayaka Seiki and Taichi Ichikawa as Seiji Maki.

Yagate Kimi ni Naru or Bloom Into You was first published in April 2015 in Japan and still ongoing. It is now being published in English by Seven Seas Entertainment. The manga was ranked number 3 in a Japanese poll asking which manga series that you want to be animated next. The results were revealed during the AnimeJapan 2018 weekend.

Sentai Filmworks recently gets the license for the anime making it available for the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.

Sources: Crunchyroll News , Moca News, Yagakimi (Twitter)

LGBT Acceptance Strengthens in Japan Municipalities

In a recent news report, it was revealed that Tokyo municipalities of Setagaya and Shibuya have been issuing domestic partnership certificates to same-sex couples since 2015—an indication that LGBT acceptance is slowly strengthening in Japan.

In the said ordinance (implemented in April 2015), the certificate to be issued to same-sex couples is acknowledging that their “relationship is equivalent to marriage”. This has also encouraged local governments and businesses to take into consideration the rights of LGBT persons and formally grant them their own rights to family discounts, life insurance, auto insurance, corporate policies, mortgages, and so on.

Stock image | Pixabay


In surveys conducted by Dentsu and the Japan Trade Union Confederation, it was revealed that 8% of Japan’s population identifies themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. That is 10 million people out of a total population of 126 million.

In 2016, the company NTT (currently an Olympic Gold Partner for Tokyo 2020) have been offering wedding bonuses and wedding leave benefits to same-sex couples. In April this year, they have expanded this to treat same-sex couples the same as heterosexual married couples with allowances for dependents, and parental leaves for same-sex couples raising adopted children.

With this big move, there is a major chance that this will spread and sooner or later no one won’t feel left out anymore for being who they are and who they want to love.


Source: Nippon.com

Express the Yuri Love with Yuri/GL Philippines at Cosplay Mania 2018!

Long time no post! With good reason.

I just got back from almost a week long travel and I will share that adventure I had in another blog post soon.

For now, I would like to share my excitement that I will be at Cosplay Mania this year together with Yuri/GL Philippines. Yes, this is the first time ever that a yuri-centered group will be having its own booth in a popular convention. So if ever you’ll be dropping at the con (which will be on September 29 to 30 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, Philippines) then be sure to find us at L-17 in the lifestyle sections (EX HALL).

Booth at Cosplay Mania

Map guide to our booth in Cosplay Mania

Our last big gig for the year would be our exhibitor’s booth at Cosplay Mania (which will be a couple of days from now). We have some artists and sellers on board like Pun-taas (selling Pun-themed yuri shirts), Ayagracechan (the creator of one of the group’s mascots Yurisa), Noies (creator of one of the group’s mascots Glen), Bebarts, Gantala Press (an indie women literature publication group) and LitYuriture (yuri manga seller). We will be having various yuri and girl’s love merch available (with some possible freebies). 😉

About Yuri/GL Philippines

For the regular visitors of the site, you have probably noticed that I’ve been sharing often about Yuri/GL Philippines. It is one of the most active Yuri and Girl’s Love community in the Philippines. Yuri fans from all over the country can interact and discuss yuri through the org’s official Facebook group or through their organized events. So far, they had one meet-and-greet event last November 2017, a 1st year anniversary event in March this year. This year, they took a step forward and hold their very first exhibitor’s booth in one of the country’s most popular and highly anticipated anime and cosplay event, Cosplay Mania.

With these events on their records, it’s obvious that the group’s purpose is nothing else but to spread the goodness of the yuri fandom and I think that’s what matters.

As one of its administrators (we are 6 so far with mods and a couple of people helping the core team), it feels great to know that the community here is growing. We noticed that yuri groups and communities tend to crumble at times because of conflicts and different opinions. Although we are fully aware of this (and completely inevitable), we make sure that the fully stick to the rules being implemented and reminding them to follow them as much as possible. On our case, we keep everything professional and transparent.

A Place to Call Home

Yuri/GL Philippines is the only yuri group where I can say it is one of the places to call home. I have met so many great people here and it motivates me to keep loving and doing what I do. It was in this group that made me continue blogging about the fandom, its community, and doing other things like podcasts, reviews, and so on. I would have been nothing if it weren’t for this group. It somehow made a great impact on me as a fan and I would like to keep that going and spread that hype to others.

Join Our Community

Every Filipino yuri fan is welcome in Yuri/GL PH. You may join the conversations through our official Facebook group and like our Facebook page for updates and news.


See you all at Cosplay Mania!



The Lily Cat Podcast Episode 2 – Citrus and Community Stuff

The long overdue Episode 2 podcast! XD

In this episode, I talked about the last chapter of Citrus and mention some community-related announcements.

If you love the first two episode podcast, you may consider supporting this show by buying me a cup of coffee.

I will do my best to make this as regular as possible. Hope you enjoy this one. 🙂

Second Season of ‘Kakegurui’ to Air on January 2019

Get ready for more gambling action and yuri vibes as the second season of Kakegurui will be aired in Japan on January 2019. This was confirmed in a recently released magazine scan (image above).

Kakegurui (also known as Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler) is based on the manga series written by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Tōru Naomura. The anime adaptation first aired from July 1 until September 23, 2017. The franchise also has a live-action adaptation and a live-action film both slated for a Spring 2019 release .  You can watch the first season anime via the premium video streaming platform Netflix.

Source: Moetron News and Comic Natalie

Only One GL Webtoon was Selected in Bomtoon’s Webtoon Contest


Months ago, Korean webtoon platform Bomtoon announced that they are opening a webtoon competition entries for BL and GL webtoon stories. Their Twitter post on Monday revealed the selected winners of their contest. Of the seven works that were awarded, only one GL webtoon was selected while the rest are under the BL genre.

The GL webtoon titled Hummingbird Effect is created by @team_6mgs (composed of  and  ) 

In the last part of the page contains a summary of the evaluation done by Bomtoon. The rough translations say that the they were a bit disappointed that the submitted works by GL were lower than BL. In fact, there were only a few that submitted works. Regardless of this, Bomtoon still appreciates the works submitted and hoping more artists will step up in the future.


The grand winner of this competition will be receive 10,000 USD with the runner-up getting 5,000 USD. 5 finalists will also receive 1,000 USD each. All the winners will also have an official serialization with Bomtoon.


About the Webtoon Service

BOMTOON (also known as BOM Comics) is a Korean webtoon service established in 2015 publishing webtoon series and serializing digital Japanese manga under the genres of BL, GL, Comedy, Romance, drama, and more.

GL fans recently had their eyes on this platform after What Does The Fox Say artist Team Gaji announced work (roughly translate as “Pet Aesthetics”) that was published in their website last May.

Note: While some of the information still requires confirmation, The Lily Cat  will continue to monitor and provide updates regarding this. You may follow the Facebook Page or check back here again for the recent updates.




Yuri/GL Philippines will be at Cosplay Mania 2018!

Aside from revealing the full colored versions of their mascots, Philippine-based Yuri and GL community Yuri/GL Philippines announced on their official page on Thursday that they will be one of the exhibitors in this year’s Cosplay Mania, an anime and cosplay convention to be held at the SMX Convention Center in Manila on September 29 and 30.

The group will be selling various merchandise along with some members of its community. They are also hoping that the booth will serve as a small meeting place for yuri fans to connect and meet new friends.

Previously, the group organized a small meet and greet in the said convention along with two meet-up events in Maginhawa, Quezon City last November and March (1st Year Anniversary)

About Yuri/GL Philippines

Established in 2017, Yuri/GL Philippines aims to unite yuri and girl’s love fans all over the country (primarily through their Facebook group) and also to promote related works by Filipino artists and writers. The organization is currently administered by 6 women (with a recent addition of moderators and creatives team).

About Cosplay Mania

Cosplay Mania is an anime and cosplay convention produced and organized by Cosplay.ph. This 2018 will be their 10th year in organizing one of the biggest and highly-anticipated otaku convention in the Philippines. It will be held at the SMX Convention Center on September 29 and 30.

World Cosplay Summit 2018 Podcast with keepsakes. and The Lily Cat

It’s been a week since the World Cosplay Summit and I have to admit it was quite a ride. From covering the PH Preliminaries grand finals in Davao until the grand finals in Nagoya, JapanContinue reading “World Cosplay Summit 2018 Podcast with keepsakes. and The Lily Cat”

Team Mexico Wins World Cosplay Summit 2018!

Team Mexico composed of the “Banana Brothers” Ed and Luis bagged the FIRST PLACE of the World Cosplay Summit Championship 2018 held in Nagoya, Japan on Sunday, August 5.  They both cosplayed the iconic Street Fighter characters Chun Li and Dhalsim in a perfect video game fighting skit performance!


Aside from winning the first place, they have also bagged the following awards from the different partners and sponsors of the this prestigious competition: the AirAsia Award,  Laguna Ten Bosch Award, Futaba Award, Rinn Award, and the Niconico Viewer’s Choice Award.

Team Indonesia bagged the runner-up place as they cosplayed characters from Warriors Orochi3 while Team Thailand won third place as they portrayed characters from Monster Hunter World.

This year’s World Cosplay Summit was quite an interesting year and all the participants have given their all. Congratulations to everyone!


WCS Video footage source: ElVortexOficial