Yuri/GL Philippines Reveals Official Mascot Pair

Philippine-based Yuri and Girl’s Love community Yuri/GL Philippines posted on their Facebook page on Saturday evening (August 11) their official mascots named Yurisa and Glen. Both characters are respectively created by Filipino artists Ayagracechan and Noies.




The post have hinted that more details about the mascots will be revealed soon as well as more announcements.

Yuri/GL Philippines is an online community-organization founded in 2017  which its sole purpose is to unite all Yuri and Girl’s Love fans in the country by organizing meet-ups in comic events and conventions. The Facebook group was created by Matsuri in March 31st that year.

The group is also notable for sharing and promoting Yuri/GL works created by Filipino local artists and writers as well as providing latest updates in the genre. Its admin team (composed of 6 women) are hoping to make more activities, events, and partner up with organizations to create more related events in the future. They recently expanded their team to 6 additional people to help them with community moderation and promotions.


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