World Cosplay Summit 2018 Podcast with keepsakes. and The Lily Cat

It’s been a week since the World Cosplay Summit and I have to admit it was quite a ride. From covering the PH Preliminaries grand finals in Davao until the grand finals in Nagoya, Japan

So a few hours after the livestream of the competition last weekend (which was more than 4 hours), I had a podcast together with Jay Agonoy of keepsakes. which we talked about the whole competition and what we think about it all in all.  I was glad that it went through despite the minor connectivity issues.

Also at the end of the podcast, I had to mention my local yuri community fam Yuri/GL Philippines.


This isn’t the first time I had a podcast with Jay. Apparently an hour before our returning flights from Davao last April, we also had a podcast episode which we talked about the WCS PH Preliminaries and a bit of the PH Idoru scene (Aidoru Sozai debut, MNL48 elections, etc.) Skip to the 34:00 for the discussion.

If you are looking for sources on the PH Otaku/Cosplay convention scene and another randomness, you may follow keepsakes. and the Facebook page.

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