So it is Christmas~ Time to start anew~

Finally, Christmas. A time to be thankful of all the good things that have happened to you in the past and hoping for another fruitful new year as 2018 is now just a couple of days away.

The beginning of my 2017 was kind of  a bit stressful and I was faced with trials that I thought I cannot conquer. However, I am thankful to be connected with people online and offline who taught me to face it without fear. If my heart is true, then nothing can go wrong. I’m a very transparent person and after going though some storms, I ended up with a lot of abundant blessings. I have nothing else to do or even say but “thank you”. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can never thank you enough.
2018 is another year. A year when new yuri-ish series will be releasing and other surprises are just in store for us. It’s understandable that things won’t be the same as before but that’s how life is– you keep moving and you have to: for yourself, for your well being, and for the future most importantly.
To be honest, there is a reason why I have been pretty much less active here lately is because of the opportunities that were given to me these past couple of months. I am currently working on websites dealing with the anime industry and those needed to be prioritized before the other stuff. Now that I know what I’m dealing with, I can pretty much schedule my stuff properly and have more focus. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to accomplish the things that I wanted to do in 2018! So expect more posts, more updates, and more randomness here in The Lily Cat!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank YOU, fellow reader. Without you, I would’ve just left this site inactive. It is the readers that motivate me to write what I love and I will continue to do so while I’m still able to. Let’s conquer 2018 together with our heads up high. A new book is opening and you are its author. It’s time to create another great story of your life.
I can’t wait to share more awesome Yuri, GL, and fandom-related stuff with you. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! 
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