So it is Christmas~ Time to start anew~

Finally, Christmas. A time to be thankful of all the good things that have happened to you in the past and hoping for another fruitful new year as 2018 is now just a couple of days away.

The beginning of my 2017 was kind of  a bit stressful and I was faced with trials that I thought I cannot conquer. However, I am thankful to be connected with people online and offline who taught me to face it without fear. If my heart is true, then nothing can go wrong. I’m a very transparent person and after going though some storms, I ended up with a lot of abundant blessings. I have nothing else to do or even say but “thank you”. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can never thank you enough.
2018 is another year. A year when new yuri-ish series will be releasing and other surprises are just in store for us. It’s understandable that things won’t be the same as before but that’s how life is– you keep moving and you have to: for yourself, for your well being, and for the future most importantly.
To be honest, there is a reason why I have been pretty much less active here lately is because of the opportunities that were given to me these past couple of months. I am currently working on websites dealing with the anime industry and those needed to be prioritized before the other stuff. Now that I know what I’m dealing with, I can pretty much schedule my stuff properly and have more focus. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to accomplish the things that I wanted to do in 2018! So expect more posts, more updates, and more randomness here in The Lily Cat!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank YOU, fellow reader. Without you, I would’ve just left this site inactive. It is the readers that motivate me to write what I love and I will continue to do so while I’m still able to. Let’s conquer 2018 together with our heads up high. A new book is opening and you are its author. It’s time to create another great story of your life.
I can’t wait to share more awesome Yuri, GL, and fandom-related stuff with you. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! 
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Yuri-filled and Girl-filled Anime Shows to Kick-Off 2018!

A week to go and it’s Christmas time! As days move forward, we are also just a few more weeks until 2018– and its seems that next year will be pretty interesting to yuri fans and those who are looking for different kinds of anime shows to watch.

In 2018 alone there’s going to be a couple of good yuri series that will be airing. Some are from yuri manga while some are in the borderlines of the genre due to the undertones. So anyways, here are some yuri-filled shows and girl-filled ones to look forward to in 2018!

Airing Date: Jan 6, 2018

The popular yuri manga series Citrus is the perfect kick-off for the new year. The anime series is confirmed to be covering until Volume 4 of the popular manga series. Completed with an all-star voice cast including two popular group in the Japanese music industry to sing the opening and ending songs, lots of fans have waited years for this manga series to have its own anime. Finally, the wish came true.

Toji no Miko
Airing Date: Jan 5, 2018

Just a day before Citrus, we will have Toji no Miko or Sword-Weilding Shrine Maidens.

Just to give you an idea on what the anime is about, it centers on a group of shrine maiden that wear school uniforms and wield swords as their main weapons and they call themselves as “Toji”. They act like a sort of police force to eliminate the “aratama”. Aside from this huge responsibility, the government required them to blend in with other people like attending the same school together.

Aside from the upcoming anime series, Toji no Miko also has a manga adaptation which was first launched last October 26.

Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san
Airing Date: Jan 4, 2018

Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san is a manga series created in 2013 by Naru Narumi. It had a live-action adaptation back in 2015. As of March 2017, over 840,000 copies of the manga was sold in Japan alone.

The series is about a girl named Koizumi which is super attractive yet very mysterious. Behind this fame and looks, she actually a ramen master going through highs and lows to look for the best ramen restaurants. Best of all, she can finish even the largest of ramen bowls! If love food (especially ramen), this is definitely for you.

Mitsuboshi Colors
Airing Date: Jan 7, 2018

The series is about Yui, Kotoha, and Sacchan who formed an organization called “Colors”. Their mission? To perform some errands and good deeds to protect the peace in their own cute.

Airing Date: Jan 4, 2018

Yurucamp is a manga series created by Afro in 2015. The series begins on two girls who met at Mt. Fuji forming a new friendship and embracing new adventures as they camp out together.

Hakumei to Mikochi
Airing Date: Jan 12, 2018

The anime will take you to a world of gods and tiny people as you follow the cute adventures of tiny girls Hakumei and Mikochi.

Slow Start
Airing Date: Jan 2018

Hana Ichinose is a 16-year-old high school student. She may look ordinary but there is something that she is hiding from other people: the fact that the is enrolled in high school a year late. Her classmate are unaware of this and it’s up to her to catch up on things.

Märchen Mädchen
Airing Date: Jan 11, 2018

Based on the Japanese light novel series of the same name by Tomohiro Matsu and StoryWorks (with art by Kantoku). After getting lost among the bookcases of the library, Hazuki Kagimura gets transported to a magic school called mädchen where she meets Shizuka Tsuchimikado. Hazuki is said to be chosen by the “book of Cinderella”. Together with Shizuka, her journey to become a true magician begins!

Nanatsu no Bitoku
Airing Date: Jan 2018

The anime series is focused on the angelic counterparts to the demons from the Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai series.

So which ones are you going to follow next month? Leave it in the comments!

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The ‘Asegao to Kase-san’ Merchandise and Apparel are Perfect for All Yuri Lovers!

With just a few weeks until Christmas, yuri fans deserve to have the best gifts this holiday season. How about merchandise and apparel from your favorite yuri series like Asegao no Kase-san?

The official Twitter account of the Natalie store posted that Asegao no Kase-san items are available for sale at their online shop as a way to celebrate the announcement of the yuri manga’s OVA release. 
If you super love the series and its animated adaptation, then these are a must-have! Let’s look at the following items that they have available:
Match up together with your fam with these comfortable Kase-san shirt and pants set priced at 4,000 yen!
Keep those important stuff in one place in this cute Asegao to Kase-san pouch priced at 1,000 yen!
Have good luck and good vibes with this special Misanga for only 800 yen!
Smell fresh all day or after a tiring school sports practice with this dry perfume set priced at 2,800 yen.
If you are interested in getting these, you may visit the Natalie Store (Japanese site). Happy Holidays everyone!
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New Updates for Upcoming ‘Citrus’ Anime!

Some big announcements have been released in the official Citrus anime website so here’s what we have so far:

The highly anticipated anime adaptation of this popular yuri series will premiere on January 6, 2018 at 11:30pm (Japan Standard Time) on AT-X. Tokyo MX and Sun TV will be airing the anime on January 7. It was recently confirmed that each anime episode will last 24 mins and the anime adaptation will cover until volume 4 of the manga.

The opening and ending songs will be performed by nano.RIPE and Mia REGINA respectively. The opening song is titled “Azalea (アザレア) while the ending title is “Dear Teardrop“.

Advanced screenings of the first two episodes happened on December 3. Notable guests that were present in the event were the anime’s seiyuus. It received lots of positive feedback which gives us hope that the anime will be something worth watching out for!

According to some gathered information, the first episode will have “a bath scene”.

Lastly,  a special radio show in Onsen Radio titled “Radio Citrus secret love affair xxx” hosted by Mei and Yuzu’s voice actresses Tsuda Minami and Taketatsu Ayana will air on January 7, 2018; a day after the anime’s premiere. If you are interested to listen to this, you may visit here for its broadcast
With all these announcements, it’s enough to say that the Citrus anime is one great series to welcome 2018. Looking forward to it!

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Yuri/GL Philippines Community Organizes its First Meet-Up Event!

Although holding a convention centered on Yuri and Girl’s Love is still a plan, the Facebook Group Yuri/GL PH (Yuri/GL Philippines) took a big step and organized the very first meet-up event for Filipino Yuri and GL fans. It happened on Sunday, November 19, 2017 at Red Monster Cafe in Maginhawa, Quezon City, Philippines. 

Organized by the administrators and moderator of Yuri/GL PH, this was long planned with a simple goal of bringing Yuri and Girl’s Love fans together to enjoy a day of laughter, fun activities, and worthwhile fandom discussions. 
Attendees of the event enjoyed great food, great company, and activities like Yuri Trivia and “Guess the Character” which got them to refresh their memory on some notable and recent series.
Due to the huge success of the event, another meet-up is now being planned and hoping that more members can join in and make new friends. Other projects are being planned all for the love of this beautiful genre.
About Yuri/GL PH
Yuri/GL PH Official Logo
Yuri/GL PH (Yuri/GL Philippines) is a Facebook group created on March 31, 2017 for the sole purpose of uniting all Yuri and Girl’s Love fans in the Philippines. Although the recent meet-up held in Red Monster Cafe was their first organized event, the group has already organized meet-ups in comic events and conventions such as Gendare last June and Cosplay Mania last September/October. 
The group is notable for sharing and promoting GL/Yuri works created by Filipino local artists and writers. If you love Yuri, GL, or Shoujo-ai and you would like to join in the Facebook group, you may do so here.*

*- only exclusive to Filipino Yuri/GL fans with membership invites to be evaluated by admins and mods.

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Mel, Lynn, and ‘Pulse’ – Intense and Sweet from Beginning to End

As this is posted, the last chapter of Ratana Satis’ GL webcomic series Pulse released its final episode last Friday. I was able to review some of its chapters way back but due to time and Lezhin’s new policy on copyright, I stopped doing them. However, I just need to post this.

Pulse was an intense story. I mean very intense. It follows of how two different people slowly grow together while dealing with a lot trials that they face along the way. For Mel, it was her past. For Lynn, it was her struggle to live due to her heart problem.
As the story went forward into the Sue arc, this is where it went into a huge see-saw. This arc was an ultimate love-hate for me mostly due to Mel’s ex-girlfriend Sue. There were chapters that didn’t really play much importance into the story but thankfully it went a little better as the chapters progress. The impact on the last few chapters were also in the same level as how I felt in the first few chapters. I am just happy that the last episode was to buy for and to read for!

Behind all the confusing stuff, unanswered questions, and all the hullabaloo, I am thankful enough to know that both Mel and Lynn were happy together in the end. The last part got me teary-eyed and this was the ending that I want. While some say that the pacing of the series is rushed, I didn’t really feel that it was at all! A GL story isn’t just mostly about sex and continuous drama. What mattered was how these characters grow together and will go through heaven and hell just to be together.

Mel and Lynn taught us that even broken people can fall in love and be loved in return. This is not just any ordinary webcomic…it’s a masterpiece that should be remembered for a long time. Pulse is part of my GL webcomic recommendations list and it will still remain one of my favorites regardless that it’s done. I am truly going to miss Mel and Lynn so much.

Ratana Satis deserves a standing ovation for this work. She nailed it. She not only touched the hearts of many Yuri/GL fans like myself, she also created a story that will be forever be etched in the minds of many. I look forward to her upcoming works soon.

Another beautiful GL story is done. Well-deserved. Well-Remembered. Forever. 

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Coming in Spring 2018 – ‘Eclair’ Yuri Manga Anthology!

Happy (late) Halloween! 
Manga publisher Yen Press released an announcement on their website that they have licensed the yuri manga anthology Eclair or Éclair: Anata ni Hibiku Yuri Anthology. The manga will be released in English in Spring 2018. A perfect time too since we got another addition of yuri-related media to look forward to aside from the Citrus anime adaptation. 

The manga was first released in Japan last November 2016 and contains sixteen beautiful yuri stories that would really get you in the feels. The artists that have contributed for this special anthology are the following: Nio Nakatani (artist of Bloom Into You), Non, Yutaka Hiiragi, Sunao Minakata, Sakuya Amano (artist of Gosick), Shuninta Amano, Uta Isaki, Hachi Itō, Kabocha, Izumi Kawanami, Canno (artist of Kiss and White Lily for my Dearest Girl), Taki Kitao, Fumiko Takada, Kagekichi Tadano, Shiori Nishio, Harumi Chihiro, Auri Hirao, Mekimeki, and Kazuno Yuikawa. 
Be sure to have extra space on your shelf for this one beautiful yuri compilation that every yuri fan should have. 

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The Lily Cat Podcast Episode 1 – [WDTFS Chapter 91 and Fandom] I’m sh00kt

On the first episode of The Lily Cat Podcast, I discussed about What Does The Fox Say Chapter 91 as well as the fandom community. If you liked the podcast or if you have suggestions, just leave a comment and I’ll do what I can to get another episode uploaded.

The main podcast page can be found here. More episodes soon!

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GL Webcomic Series ‘Blooming Sequence’ to have Official English Release!

The Lezhin Comics English Facebook page posted today that the GL webcomic series Blooming Sequence by Leeeul will be officially translated into English. There is no definite date yet but its Facebook post hinted with the hashtag #comingsoon.

The series is already released in the Lezhin Comics KR website and has been topping the GL charts since its release. You can check out the chapters as well as purchase the Korean raws by going here.

I have been eyeing on this series for a very long time and I’m just thrilled that this series is finally getting noticed. Can’t wait for the first batch of English releases! I think I will try to revive my chapter reviews as well. 😉

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WDTFS Thoughts – Why Dawoon Wasn’t a Useless Character

So What Does The Fox Say is over. This was in my drafts for so long so it doesn’t hurt publishing this now– and I think it’s kind of timely as well.

This feature may contain some spoilers. So if you are not updated with the latest chapters of WDTFS, you’ve been warned.
Who is Dawoon?

Kim Dawoon is the grey-haired girl that made her debut in WDTFS  Chapter 60. She is introduced in the chapter when she returned to Korea and meets with Sungji. They were able to catch up on things together since she had to leave the country for study.


What We Know So Far

Out of all the characters that appeared in this webcomic series, it was only Dawoon that was short-lived and never recurred. Here are a few things that we know about her:


She is a highschool friend of Sungji 
Both Sungji and Dawoon knew each other since high school so technically Dawoon knows more about her than Sumin. The downside here is that the story implies that they no longer met anymore after high school graduation so the years of absence made them drift apart somehow.
Dawoon has feelings for Sungji for a long time

In a flashback, Dawoon have sort of confessed to Sungji but our favorite blonde never really gave her a proper answer. Even when Dawoon has returned from France and meets up with her again, she ended up with the same answer.

Dawoon had a girlfriend when she was in France named Camille. But even if they were together, the story implies that she keeps mentioning Sungji every now and then.

She wanted Sungji to be hers

Well, we can’t really blame her. She liked Sungji so it’s really normal for someone to pursue the person they liked whether there are risks involved in the beginning or end. It was obvious she wanted Sungji and she would do anything just to convince her to say yes.

A Threat To Team Blonde

When the series was still ongoing, one of the common comments I read is that Dawoon was only considered a filler character without any significance whatsoever. Regardless of that, it doesn’t hide the fact that she was a threat to the relationship of Team Blonde. In the previous chapters, Sumin and Sungji broke up. When Dawoon came into the picture, she was there to comfort Sungji and seems to portray as a better partner for her. She was willing to do anything to make her happy.

If you’re interested, you can read my reviews on these particular moments here and here.

She Wasn’t Useless

Okay, I admit that I admired Dawoon in appearance when I first saw her in the webtoon. She was a character that I really couldn’t take my eyes off and there is some mystery about her character as well. Although she got friendzoned in the end and never returned, she wasn’t really a useless character. Why? She was a wake-up call for Sumin that Sungji might be taken away from her.

Although I was a little disappointed with the lack of efforts made by Sumin to get her back, it made her realize what she have done and the possible threats that she would encounter especially when it comes to her relationship with Sungji.

She wasn’t useless because she did play an important part of Sungji’s life– and that’s being her highschool friend. She was one of the people that shaped the blonde girl’s childhood somehow. She was there for her back then when no one else did. That alone is something.

A Side-Story of Her Would Be Nice

While a lot of us are excited for the new “Seju side-story” series by Team Gaji (to be released in November), the possible thought of a Dawoon side-story is nice too. Like really– she was a short lived character leaving us a few questions in the end.

It would really be nice if Team Gaji would have some time in getting us to know about Dawoon because she is a mysterious, interesting, and probably the most friendzoned character ever in all the Lezhin GL webtoons combined. I am not  keeping my hopes up but having a few or a couple of chapters dedicated to her would be really interesting.

Although the chances of seeing her again is uncertain, I am quite happy that Dawoon made its way to the webtoon. It gave us a different view on things especially in the topics of love, being loved, and being friendzoned. Cheers to our noble grey knight.

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