What Does The Fox Say Chapter 62 Review – An Emotional Roller Coaster

Time for another review. Spoilers ahead plus some two-point views on the characters and their situations.

Before I head on to my review, I have to be honest that I never wanted to write about this chapter. The reason is that this was just too much for me that it caused some emotional triggers. Well, enough hullabaloo; let’s get into the review!

An Emotional Roller Coaster

In this chapter, Sungji was still in a state of confusion. Dawoon arrived in Korea after a long time, reunited with her, and once again confessed to her that her feelings haven’t changed since. The blonde had known her for quite a while but she was still hesitant to make a proper answer.

Sungji immediately told Dawoon that she doesn’t want to go through this in bed and told her friend that she is seeing someone. After finding out that her girlfriend (Sumin) was sleeping with another woman (Seju), Dawoon immediately told her on impulse that she doesn’t deserve trash like her. Regardless of the little debate they had, Dawoon still assures Sungji that her feelings won’t change and she is willing to wait for her until she gets a proper answer. Damn, talk about loyalty to someone you care so much.

Meanwhile in Hello Studio, Sumin was instructed by Seju to go to Japan for a business-related matter for a week. She immediately told Seju that after the trip, the company needs to get someone to replace her post. Sumin also realized that Seju had no knowledge on the Chairman’s request for the both of them and decided to keep it a secret for now and kept their conversation short. As Sumin is now pushing through her resignation, Seju still needed more time to think about leaving the company or not.

As Team Manager, Sumin told her entire team (with Sungji present) ahead of time that she will be resigning “due to a personal matter”. The team was in a restaurant so there were emotional shifts of merriment and sadness. Sungji just kept quiet until they left the restaurant that night.

Sumin ended up drunk so Sungji had to accompany her to the car as one of the employees called a chauffeur to take her home safely. The team leader immediately asked Sungji who was the person who walked with her after work. Sungji immediately replied that “she was just a friend who likes me”.

The last few panels of this chapter ended with her and Dawoon having a phone conversation together and seemed like the blonde is comfortable with the care and concern that she was given. The chapter ends of her meeting up with Dawoon again and she seems to be looking forward to it.


Team Gaji really knows how to trigger their readers most especially to people who got friendzoned but still hanged on to their feelings for the people they love (okay, did I spoke too much?)

Let’s talk about Dawoon first. I adored her ever since her first appearance in Chapter 60 and I still do after reading this one. I have nothing against her liking Sungji and just her conversation on the phone with her, confessing to her again, and being honest with her about her feelings are more than enough for me to conclude that she’s worth keeping. On the other side of the coin. let’s not forget that technically, Sungji never gave her a proper yes or no yet.

I have nothing against the idea of Dawoon and Sungji together. Why? Sungji deserves someone better– someone who really cares for her and doesn’t really give her emotional stress and doubts. Let me remind all of you that putting doubts and emotional stress together can be a very deadly combo especially if you are a woman. Dawoon seemed to have the qualities that Sungji is longing for. If the blonde is going to pick her high school friend over her boss, then I respect that and I have no objections on this possibility.

I am quite disappointed with Sumin in this chapter because she seems to haven’t done any efforts to bring her relationship with Sungji back together. As I’ve mentioned in my previous review, if she really loves Sungji then she is willing enough to risk and break the invisible barrier between them in order to fix what’s being broken. She has to make a choice: whether she picks Sungji and hopefully change for the better or go back to Seju, go with her to the States, and still live a life being caged in the past. Pick your poison, girl.

Seju must also understand that she can’t cage a person forever. As I’ve mentioned in my previous review, if she really cares for Sumin then she should let her have the freedom to choose who she wants to love and what she wants to do in life. This kind of situation can slowly kill a person little and little so it wont be long until the fuse will light up and explode you right in the face. On her part, she deserves to be free and not getting her mind too focused and obsessed on a certain person.

I’m disappointed with Sungji because the good harvest is laid to her on the table yet she is still hesitant to pick them and still worry about the rotten ones. There is nothing wrong in givng Dawoon a chance– after all they have known each other longer than Sumin. Though the thoughts of Dawoon being a “Sumin clone” is still not out of my mind due to their similarities in appearance, it doesn’t hide the fact that she is the typical knight in shining armor that the blonde is longing to have in her life. Come on girl! Doesn’t hurt to give her a chance.

Regardless of how triggering this chapter is for me, it goes to show that Team Gaji is now once again stepping their game in getting us hyped with the next chapter as well as making us rage with all these emotional cliffhangers. Well played Team Gaji– still a two thumbs up for this chapter.

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‘Saki’ Live Action Show to Premiere this December, Film to Premiere in 2017!

Fans of the mahjong and shoujo manga Saki are in for a treat as four live action episodes will be aired this December! A film adaptation of the series is also set to premier in February 2017. 

The official cast for the live action adaptation were revealed yesterday in full costumes. For their respective names, roles, and information about them, check out the photos and captions below. 
For someone who has followed the manga and anime, I think they have nailed the character appearances quite well. Of course it’s still too early to say. The first episode premiere will being on December 4, 2016 (MBS) and on December 6, 2016 (TBS).
Minami Hamabe will star the role of Saki Miyanaga. She played the role of Menma in the 2015 TV Movie  ‘Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day’ 

Japanese idol and singer Nana Asakawa will play the role of Nodoka Haramura

Aika Hirota, another Japanese idol and singer will play the role of Yuki Kataoka

Mai Kikuchi will play as Koromo Amae

Actress and model Rena Takeda taking the role of second year student Kana Ikeda

Seika Furuhata will play the role of mahjong club president Hisa Takei

Anna Yamada as the reliable, trusting, and sometimes snarky Mako Someya 

Former AKB48 idol Mariya Nagao will play the role of Toka Ryumonbuchi

Hajime Kunihiro will be played by Kyoka Shibata

Ena Koshino as the popular Jun Inoue 

‘Ladybaby’ member Rie Kaneko will be playing the stoic and quiet Tomoki Sawamura

Mami Kamura will play Mihoko Fukuji 

Aya Yoshizaki will play the role of  the serious yet fun-loving second year student Miharu ‘Miharun’ Yoshitome

The role of the second year student Sumiyo Fukabori will be played by Mizuki Hoshina

Yuzu Higuchi will take the role of the semi-worrywart Seika Bundo

Third Year Student Yumi Kajiki will be played by Natsumi Okamoto

Ano as Momoko “Stealth Momo” Touyoko

Third year student Satomi Kanbara will be played by Aguri Onishi

Marina Nagasawa will play shy girl Kaori Senoo

Lastly, Mari Yamachi will play Mutsuki Tsuyama

Click here and here for the sources. 

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Top 5 Manga Most Yuri Fans Started Out

When it comes to the Yuri genre, manga is one of the popular forms of medium that every fan can go and splurge on. Due to the scarcity of Yuri anime back in the day (and subtexts aren’t enough), it is in Yuri manga where you can satisfy your feels for all things cute, fluffy, and romantic things between girls.

Every fan has to start somewhere so let’s go back to memory lane and find out the Top 5 Manga most yuri fans first read in their younger or starting out years.

A week ago, I opened up a small poll in the Yurifanatics Confessions Facebook group where I asked the group members to list and select the first Yuri manga series they’ve ever read. The results were very interesting and here are the top five that got the most votes.

Number 5 – Maria Sama Ga Miteru

Maria Sama Ga Miteru was first released as a light novel series and had its own manga and anime adaptations as the years went on. Popularly known for its shortcut name Marimite, Maria Sama Ga Miteru is a series centered around the students in the Lillian Girls’ Academy. The manga had a total of nine volumes which were originally released from 2003 to 2010.

The time when I heard about Marimite was from its anime adaptation which was also the same period when I heard about Kannazuki no Miko (another popular Yuri anime) so it took me a while to get into reading the chapters. Aside from its manga volume releases, a series of one-shots were also published between those years and they were worth a read especially if you don’t have any backlogs.

This manga is innocent. Too innocent to the fact that it’s an ideal Yuri series to start with. The only thing that I cannot forget is the Yamayuri Council or the Yamayurikai. 

Number 4 – Octave

Octave is a manga series created by Haru Akiyama and was published in 6 tankoubon volumes by Kondansha from 2008 to 2010.
One thing that I can never forget about  Octave is that it’s the first manga I’ve read that dealt with situations that any person can relate to in real life. Moving in together, social non-acceptance, the urges to make out with the one you love and have sex, conflict of interest, moving on to a new beginning, and so on. I also loved how the characters are drawn and this is the first mature Yuri manga I’ve read. It had a satisfying ending for me and just seeing Setsuko and Yukino just bring a great wave of nostalgia. A former idol member and a former songwriter. One of the best Yuri OTP’s in my book.
Number 3 – Strawberry Panic

The Strawberry Panic manga chapters were published monthly in Japan from 2005 to 2007. Similar to Marimite, I was introduced to the anime adaptation first before getting into its other mediums like the manga, light novel, and its audio CDs. I appreciated this series probably because of its steady story line and the very intimate relationships between the characters. Though I prefer Kannazuki no Miko over this one, this series is still good to watch and read.
Number 2 – Girl Friends

If there’s one manga that I was so obsessed with back in college, it would definitely be Girl Friends. I’m not surprised why this got into second place and why a lot of people loved this so much.
Girl Friends is a manga series by Milk Morinaga and one of her most successful work. The story is about an introverted studious girl named Mari who suddenly became friends with her outgoing and fashion-obsessed classmate Akko. Mari was able to gain more confidence in herself because of Akko and got to know her little by little. It was not long until she realizes that the way she sees her new best friend was actually more than that. The manga was so popular that it even had a Drama CD starring the voices of Aya Endo and Mikoi Sasaki as Akko and Mari respectively.
This manga is just so sweet and good to read. Hands down. Mari and Akko are one of my top Yuri OTPs and they still are regardless of the many manga and webtoon characters that are popping up lately. Morinaga really knows how to grab the soft side of every Yuri fan. The ending of the manga was indeed perfect. So if you have a friend who is asking for starting Yuri recommendations, please let them start with Girl Friends. It’s worth it.
Number 1 – Citrus

How am I not surprised! Ever since this manga got its international hype, I noticed that more and more people have been “converted” into the wonderful world of Yuri (no complaints here). The story of Citrus is quite simple: we’ve got the upbeat extroverted girl Yuzu and a serious and authoritative girl named Mei. Put those two together in random school and slice-of-life situations and you’ve got yourselves a semi-chaotic yet very cute couple. Oh! I almost forgot one little bit: they are stepsisters.
Whenever someone asks for Yuri recommendations, I don’t really say Citrus right away since there are some scenes that are either NSFW or not good for younger Yuri fans. Unlike the the previous four titles that were mentioned, Citrus is still ongoing with a new chapter coming out next month. This popular series also has a Drama CD which covers pretty much the first volume of the manga.
So there you have it folks! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people in the Yurifanatics Confessions group for taking part in the small poll I made. This article feature wouldn’t be possible without your inputs. What was your first Yuri manga you’ve read? Leave a comment! 

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Touken Ranbu Event Report – Underground Treasure Chest 6

Touken Ranbu released another new toudan and he’s a reward character in the ongoing event Underground Treasure Chest 6. 

Completing the event is simple: you make your way through the floors (100 in total) of Osaka Castle defeating monsters, collecting koban, obtaining Houchou Toushirou (you will get him after completing floor 50), as well as obtaining the materials needed for Kiwame.

The event will be from October 18, 2016 to November 8 2016 14:00 Japan Standard Time.
The Perfect Team

There is no level limit or requirement for this event so you can have any toudan in our team. This is also the perfect opportunity to level up your low level swords. In my case, I was able to level up Mikazuki Munechika from level 1 to 30+ upon reaching the 50th floor. Floors 51 onward will have stronger opponents.
If you wish to rush this map, having Ootachis with you or Iwatooshi can help you. Having gold troops (with musketeers, archers, and catapults) is a plus. For those who want to get a higher chance in walking to the resource nodes, be sure to have Tantous on your team. I had Gokotai and Hakata Toushirou on my team so I had a good haul of koban and resources as I went on.
A Test of Patience
Check out my video going through Floor 50 and obtaining the new sword (no retreat since Floor 2)

If you have been a long time Touken Ranbu player, then you would really agree that this event is a test of patience. It will take you like half the day to get to floor 50 (I had lunch and coffee breaks in between) without retreats to the citadel. It gets a bit boring when you’re around floor 20s to 30s because everything starts to become too monotonous and repetitive especially when you have high leveled swords with you. 
A Worthy ‘Underground Treasure Chest’ Event

Unlike the previous ‘Underground Treasure Chest’ events where they only give you a banner and backgrounds for completion, this event is a very generous one giving you lots of koban, Kiwame items, gold troops, as well as help tokens. This is kind of an event that every saniwa shouldn’t miss if you want to get the good stuff. 
Useful tip: Don’t waste your koban. Could be useful in the next events.
Final Verdict

With the new toudan being so cute and the event giving players a lot of goodies, Touken Ranbu’s Underground Treasure Chest 6 event is worth it for those who have the great patience enough to complete it. 
Stay tuned for my Floor 51-100 game report!
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‘What Does The Fox Say’ Paperback Volume Release in the Works!

Team Gaji (What Does The Fox Say webtoon artist) has tweeted yesterday that they are planning to publish their webtoon in a paperback volume. Due to the immense popularity of the series, they are opening international delivery for those interested in ordering a copy. The have not mentioned details yet on the pre-order and/or release dates. 
This goes to how much of a popular GL series What Does The Fox Say is and the hype has no indication of slowing down. Aside from this plan of a printed volume release, they were able to release Drama CDs last year produced by VoiceStory. Check out the videos below for previews.
Source: yuri_haru (Twitter)
Chapter 62 will be released in the Lezhin Comics website next Friday (Oct 28). 

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What Does The Fox Say Chapter 61 Review – Our Lord and Savior, Dawoon (Part 2)

Spoilers Ahead!

In this chapter of WDTFS, we are first taken to a flashback scene of Dawoon and her girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend) Camille as they enjoy their time together in bed. Dawoon shared to her a person that she once liked back in Korea and admitted that she still thinks about her. The person that she was pertaining to was obviously Sungji.

Fast forward to the present day. Dawoon drove Sungji to the beach to get some fresh air after fetching her from her workplace. This made Sungji remember her moment with Sumin visiting the same spot. Both girls reminisced their younger years together as they enjoyed the windy breeze. We also get a glimpse of a graduation flashback of the two girls taking a picture together and saying their goodbyes to each other.

Dawoon drove Sungji home, hugged her, and once again expressed her feelings. Regardless if Sungji will give her a direct answer or not, the chapter ends with a cliffhanging question from Dawoon: “Can you do it with me?


I am starting to love the pacing Team Gaji is making for the webtoon. Like seriously. I know that some of you would think that the chapter is too fast and the introduction of Dawoon as a character was too short. I prefer this than getting chapters of fancy papers and glitters just to sparkle up her story. We don’t really need that now because all eyes are now focused on Sungji and what her decisions will be.

Here are my thoughts for each character.

Sumin really needs to make a move if she really wants Sungji back in her life. I don’t know how she is going to do this (considering that Sungji got NTR’ed because of her giving in to Seju) but time is running out. If she finally decides to go back to Seju, well you can never forget a first love I suppose (but looking at Sumin being with her is like seeing a bird stuck in a cage).

Seju needs to be independent. Period. She is more fitting to be independent and not being controlled with so much obsession over someone. If she really loves Sumin, at least change for the better. Corny as is sounds however, if she really cares for Sumin, she should let her go (or not make her feel caged to her selfish demands).

It starting to be obvious that the story is now focused on Sungji. It’s her decision that would really turn tables around. If she goes back to Sumin, then good (but still be haunted by Seju). If she goes with Dawoon, then there’s seem to be nothing wrong with that (less stress on her part). But understanding her current emotional situation, I doubt if she will ever jump in and make Dawoon hers. Everything is still very hazy when you look at everything in a bigger picture. But I cant lie: they really look good together.

So this concludes my review. I look forward to the next chapter (and hopefully more Dawoon)!

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What Does The Fox Say Chapter 60 (OVERDUE Edition Review) – Our Lord and Savior, Dawoon

“Excuse me! Do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior, Dawoon?”

I’m kidding! So here’s my review on WDTFS Chapter 60. As in any review post, be warned! Spoilers ahead.

With Sungji and Sumin in a sort cool-off phase, another new character has appeared to re-enter Sungji’s life. The girl’s name is Dawoon.

Dawoon has returned to Korea after studying in France. She meets Sungji and took the opportunity to catch up on things after not seeing each other for quite a while. She told our beloved blonde that she recently broke up with her girlfriend who never really loved her at all.  There were a few flashback panels that show Dawoon and Sungji riding on a bike together which means that they have been friends since they were younger.

It was raining very hard and regardless of their current status, Sumin had to rush out of the office just to offer Sungji her umbrella. However, she was welcomed with the sight of her lover being with Dawoon together in one umbrella walking home.


I have to be honest here: I was very hesitant to write my reviews on chapters 57, 58, and 59 because of how much of an emotional roller coaster they were for me. This chapter was just right and I love how Team Gaji placed another character just to make the entire story interesting.

Think about it: if we only just focus on Seju, Sungji, and Sumin, there will come a time that everything would just go around in circles (as experienced in some of the previous chapters). Regardless of which team you are rooting for, I think it won’t hurt giving Dawoon a chance. It’s understandable that she only appeared so far in one chapter so this might take a while for us to get to know her better (if ever she really plays a vital character card in the story).

For now, let’s appreciate her a bit most especially her grey hair and that mysterious aesthetic she possesses. I can look at her panels all day. Friends who have seen my Dawoon appreciation posts would really attest to this. Here’s one of the many. Onwards to Chapter 61 (which is set to release this October 18th!)

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Pulse Chapter 27 (Long OVERDUE Review Edition + Some Updates) – The Intensity is Real

After having issues with my Internet service provider, I’m back with another Pulse chapter review. I would like to apologize if this has been long overdue. Better later than never I suppose. Warning: Spoilers Ahead.

In Pulse Chapter 26, Mel went full detective mode in tracking down Grace’s fiance– the person responsible for her current painful state. Mel was able to get one of his girls from finding out his location and where his car can be found. She instantly called Crystal about it and told her she’ll track down Tom at all cost. As much as her detective friend wanted to assure Mel that she can take it from here, the surgeon continues to remain stubborn and proceeded to take down the suspect herself.

Mel and Tom met face to face and this was the time when Mel’s hunches were true from the beginning. The chapter ends on a cliffhanging note when Tom pulls out a taser in front of her.
As I’ve mentioned way back in my previous reviews, Pulse shows no indication of slowing down and continues to tickle the curiosity of its fans anticipating for the next chapter release. Due to its intensity, I’d probably give this a 9 out of 10. Like many of the followers of this webcomic, I am worried for Mel (as well for Lynn) and hoping that things would turn around for the better. 
I have mentioned in the Pulse Facebook group posts and comments that I have theories on how the entire story will turn out. But as promised, I decided not to share these theories and will reveal them once Pulse is near its series end.
Back to December

No Taylor Swift song reference title intended. Ratana Satis and her team recently announced that Chapter 28 will be released this December 2 giving a couple of weeks of waiting for Pulse fans. Completely understandable since awesome artists do deserve a break. If you have the time (and the money), the first volume of Pulse is now up for pre-order

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Fan Opens GoFundMe Page to Support Ssamba’s Recovery – Updates

Last October 9. 2016, a fan of Ssamba’s manwha Fluttering Feelings opened up a GoFundMe page as a way to help the artist to recover. The page owner is identified as Halmoni Swag (from Los Angeles, CA). 

According to the page details, the money will be used to purchase Ssamba a new Cintiq Companion which costs around 1,500  USD as way to motivate her to recover and to make more art. The GoFundMe goal was set to 1,600 USD and the donations reached 1,665 USD in just two days.
The artist have heard of this and politely requested the page owner (and its generous donors) to not continue with the said online campaign and the Cintiq purchase. Ssamba has assured her fans that she’s still receiving treatment in the hospital and appreciates the never ending support.
Donors were given the option to refund their money or give their cash donations to Stand Up to Cancer. Click here for the GoFundMe Page link. You can also check on the screenshots below.
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More Sword Boys in Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru-!

I just got back from the Cosplay Mania weekend in Manila and this is one of the announcements that welcome me.

It’s been revealed that the second episode of Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru- will have new sword boys that will play major roles the story. Their significance in the episode has not been revealed so far,  but the new sword boys line-up is something worth anticipating (especially if you’ve played the popular mobile game).

The following swords to be featured in Episode 2 are the following: Doutanuki Masakuni, Nakigitsune, Midare Toushirou, Aizen Kinotoshi, Tsurumaru Kunikaga, and Akita Toushirou.

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